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20K Touch Club

20,000 Touch Club

What is it?  The spring soccer season is right around the corner!  While we are still stuck inside with our NE Ohio winter weather, why not spend some of that time getting some extra touches on the soccer ball!! 

We offer this no-cost Club as an indoor training idea that we hope will motivate the players to get touching the ball again, or to get in some extra touches if they have kept up some training over the winter.  All you need is a few feet of space in the basement, garage, living room, or anywhere your parents say it is ok, or bundle up and go outside, and a soccer ball. 

Get 20,000 touches before April 8, 2018, and you will become a Member of this prestigious Club!

PRIZES:  Every player that completes 20,000 touches before April 8, 2018 will receive a t-shirt and be entered into a drawing for a $50 Dick’s gift card.  Every 2,500 touches ABOVE 20,000 will give you an additional entry (e.g. 25,000 touches = 3 entries). 

The first year of this club had 17 successful Members that all wear their shirt with pride, some as young as 6 years old!  Anyone can achieve it!  We would love to see every member of ALSO become successful.

Estimated time:  Initial commitment of watching the videos and developing a routine, or just play the videos each time.  After that, it is up to each player as to how much time they want to spend – 10 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day, 20 minutes every other day…who will get the most touches???

How do I join?

Cost:  FREE - Just sign up at the free registration link at the right.  Find a parental approved area in your house, and start dribbling!  There is no obligation to sign-up. Feel free to email Bob Krupitzer (contact info at bottom of page) with any questions.

Who can enter:  Any registered Avon Lake soccer player (Rec or Travel)

Tracking progress:  Use the tracking sheet available at the right.  Hang it on the fridge or bedroom door to remind you to get your touches!  Also, to get the competitive juices flowing a bit, send us your weekly totals (weekly and cumulative totals)  to the same email, we will accumulate and send out a complete list of total touches for everyone that has signed up.  Who will be at the top!!??

How to get touches? Many have done these types of drills to start off practices before, and some of the professional coaches have used this technique as well.  Simply, find an area no larger than 6’ x 6’ and start dribbling in that space.  From “toe taps” to some of the more intricate “outside-outside-cut in” techniques – all can be done in this small space. 

At right (or below on mobile) are a few YouTube videos to get started with some ideas.

We know it would be hard to count every single touch on the ball every time.  We suggest following the method used in the first video – where you are counting only up to 50 at most.  Or, use the timed method in the second video, while counting the number of touches the first few times for each technique, then just using an average for that technique going forward. 

Don't over-complicate the tracking of the number of touches.  The goal is to get touches on the ball!  For simplicity, if the player is working diligently for 20 minutes without too much stoppage, consider that they got 1,000 touches.   20 minutes = 1,000 touches (working diligently). 

You can count all soccer touches.  For example, attending sessions at the Force will get you about 150 touches.  Playing a game (at the Force or futsal) might get you another 50-100.  But they all count. 

The initial goal is to get 20,000 touches before the spring season starts (we will use April 8).  If you start in mid-February, this averages to about 20 minutes a day only 3 times per week.