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Elite Training


Avon Lake Elite Training is a new exclusive offering to provide Avon Lake Travel Soccer players with an opportunity to receive additional training from a professional coaching staff.  Additionally, U8 Development Academy for U8 rec players provides an opportunity for U8 rec players for additional training to prepare them for travel soccer play.  Lastly, our "Lake 8s" program is a free opportunity for U7 and U8 rec players to get additional soccer playing opportunities with players from the surrounding communities with professional instruction.

Avon Lake Elite Training

Thank you for showing interest in the Avon Lake Academy Soccer program for the Fall 2019 season.  The ALSO Board has taken a long look at the Academy program and how it's evolved over the years and how the needs of our players have evolved too.  We're excited to announce that the Avon Lake Academy is now Avon Lake Elite Training!

What is Avon Lake Elite Training?

Avon Lake Elite Training is a unique offering for the travel soccer program.  Avon Lake Elite Training is an additional training session that focuses half of the session on soccer skills and tactics and the other half of the session on improving speed, agility, and power.  The Avon Lake Soccer Organization has partnered with The Force Sports Performance team to provide this opportunity to our Avon Lake soccer players.

When is Avon Lake Elite Training?

  • Friday, August 23rd
  • Friday, August 30th 
  • Friday, September 6th
  • Friday, September 13th
  • Friday, September 20th
  • Friday, September 27th

How long are the training sessions and what time do they start? 

Each training session is for 1 hour or possibly 90 minutes.  Players that register will be grouped into 1 of 2 groups.  Group 1 will start at 5:30 and end at 6:30 (or, possibly) 7:00).  Group 2 will start at 6:30 (or, possibly, 6:00) and end at 7:30.  

Where will Avon Lake Elite Training take place?

Troy Intermediate School.